What's Ready Now
It will be a good idea to bookmark this page. We try our best to predict exactly when each of our crops will be available for our customers to buy or pick. We do, however have to contend with the variables of weather and supply.


On this page we will give our best estimate for date of availability. We do suggest you make a call before you make a special trip to buy or pick if there is any doubt.


Home Grown Crops:

Ready Now: Our Kale, Rhubarb and Asparagus should be ready in mid May.

Coming Soon: We estimate the early strawberries should be ready by the end of May with the U-Pick starting around the 3rd week of June.

Sugar snap and garden peas, lettuce, summer cabbage, cucumbers and radishes should become ready by mid June. 

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Local Grown Crops* and other Items:

Ready Now: Honey* available in our Sales Room.

Coming Soon:

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Ready Now:

Coming Soon: U=Pick Strawberries should be available in mid-June

You are welcome to bring your own containers or we will have some baskets at the field for people to use. Give us a call at 716-267-2431 if need directions or have any questions.

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Our Sales Room

In Our Sales Room you can expect to find; Right now you will find our Popcorn, local Honey*, and frozen berries available there and as the early Spring crops come ready we will have them there for you as well.

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