strayberry field

If you are looking for a place to purchase fresh and delicious, home grown and local grown fruit and vegetables Abers Acres is the place for you.


If you are looking for an opportunity to get out in the country and treat your family to the experience of picking their own fruit and produce Abers Acres is the place for you.
If you want to find a source of healthy USDA Certified Organic produce, where you can see the crops growing in the field, Abers Acres is the place for you.


I guess what we're saying is... Abers Acres is the place for you!

What's Ready Now





Abers Acres, Getting Ready!

 Sue has her greenhouse full of seedlings that will soon be ready to plant. John is plowing the ground for all of the new plantings. With Spring in the air they are fast at work getting all of the Fruits and Vegetables off to a great start, so their tables will soon be full of all the produce that you are looking forward to.


At this point it is still too early to predict our official opening, but we will still have our Sales Room going until the Farm Stand is opened. At this point we still have plenty of our home grown Popcorn, Jams* & Jellies*, and Maple products*.

Our early crops such as Rhubarb and Asparagus will also be available in the Sales Room, in May, until the Farm Stand opens.


Remember to check back here and at our Facebook page to follow our progress and to learn when the early crops will be available.

We Are in Our Sales Room Now

We are currently selling our products in our Sales Room in our house near the Farm Stand. In the sales room we have lots of Popcorn, and Frozen Raspberries. Also Honey*, Maple Syrup*, rockin salsa, jam and more.


We will be following Best Practices, including use of gloves & hand sanitizer, disinfecting commonly used surfaces often, social distancing and face masks when needed.

Please do not come to the farm if you have come in contact with someone who has or displays symptoms of Covid-19


When using our Pick-Your- Own fields you will not be required to wear masks, but social distancing will be in effect. Note: the good news is that Covid 19 is not a food borne illness. It is extremely unlikely that someone will catch it through eating. The virus is most likely to cause illness through respiratory transmission.



We are now offering the option of ordering online. Orders will need to be placed at least one day in advance.

Be sure to check this home page and the What's Ready Now
page to find out what produce is currently available. You can place your ORDER-ONLINE HERE. Orders will not be taken until the main Farm Stand is open.